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What Does Legacy Mean To You? 
Join the conversation LA Legacy Talks Podcast.

What does legacy mean to you? 
Join the conversation on LA Legacy Talks Podcast.

LA Legacy Talks Podcast is a show for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and anyone who is interested in building and sustaining a legacy in their personal and professional life. Produced and hosted by Troy Lee, the show features insightful interviews with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, philanthropists, social activists, and experts in various fields related to legacy building. Dr. Gayle Young, a health and wellness strategist, co-hosts the show and provides insights into how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while building a legacy. Through engaging conversations and thought-provoking questions, the show aims to inspire and educate listeners on how to create a meaningful legacy that will last for generations. LA Legacy Talks Podcast is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Tune in to LA Legacy Talks Podcast and learn how to build a legacy that truly matters.

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